1994 Valedictorian: Dr. Ghazi Kaddouh

Ghazi Kaddouh is a clinical psychologist at Central Health Medical Practice in Hong Kong.  He is a former staff member at Harvard’s Bureau of Study Counsel.  He came to the U.S. from Lebanon to escape the 1984 war.

Ghazi gave the following testimonial to the Harvard University “Success-Failure Project”

I dropped out of college in my third year after failing two classes.  I was twenty years old at the time.  During my time in the “wilderness,” I became a flight attendant, a teacher, and a maître d’.  But quitting my education had left a burning hole in my heart, which motivated me to get back to school.  When I decided to go back to school seventeen years later, I went back with a vengeance.  In my new country, the U.S. provided the unique opportunity that encouraged adult education.  I became the best student I could be; graduated valedictorian from junior college, graduated with the highest honors from U.C. Berkeley, and ended up getting a doctorate.  I now live the life of a successful and a very content person.  If not for that experience many years ago, I might not have been as motivated as I have been to achieve what I have achieved.

Ghazi has said to us,

My education at Ohlone prepared me to succeed academically and go to the best university, UC Berkeley, where I graduated with highest honors.  From there I went on and got two masters and a doctorate in clinical psychology.  Then I worked at Harvard for five years before relocating with my wife to Hong Kong, where I have a very thriving practice.

After receiving his AA Degree, Psychology, at Ohlone, Ghazi went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree, Psychology from University of California, Berkeley; an M.A. in Consciousness Studies, from John F. Kennedy University; and a Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, from The Wright Institute.

After serving as a Staff Psychologist / Student Counselor for a number of years at Harvard University, Ghazi moved to Hong Kong working as a Clinical Psychologist and then founded his own practice, SIO Psychology and Consulting.