2009 Valedictorian: Eric Dorman

Eric decided early on that Ohlone was the way to start his college career.  He states, “When I was 14 I had the option of going to high school or Ohlone, and I figured I’d learn more at Ohlone.”

Eric’s decision did not disappoint him, “I had an incredible experience at Ohlone.”  He gives great credit to a number of faculty members.  “I learned from some of the most talented and passionate teachers I’ve ever met, including Jeff O’Connell (Mathematics), Mark Brosamer (English), Bennett Oppenheim (Sociology), Deborah Lemon (Spanish) and of course Bill Parks (Journalism), and got the sort of personal attention and small-class setting that I missed when I went to a four-year school.”

As much as Eric enjoyed his classes, he has especially fond memories of his work on the Monitor newspaper.  He says inside the Monitor staff room he “learned how to read, write, think and lead through (his) time as staff writer, editor, and finally Editor-in-chief.”

After graduating from Ohlone, Eric attended the University of California at San Diego and received his B.S. in Computer Science in 2012.  He also completed internships at Cisco and Google.

Eric is currently a software engineer at Facebook, working on photos in the Android app.  Prior to Facebook, Eric was with Zynga, working on Words with Friends, and the enterprise cloud storage company Box working on their android app.