2011 Valedictorian: Angeline Joyce Chew – Quek Neo

Living in Singapore, Angeline had a dream of attending college in the United States.  One of her former bosses had moved to Fremont and highly recommended Ohlone College as a good place for her to begin her journey.  Angelina says she was looking for a school that would not only meet all her educational needs but would also “provide the personal touch, and warmth which is difficult to find in this time and age.”  Angeline found her initial communications with International Programs and Services Director Eddie West to be very friendly and helpful.  The overall feel of Ohlone was warm, comfortable and she felt Ohlone would help her attain her academic goals.

Angeline remembers walking up the hundreds of steps at Ohlone on her first day.  She was feeling scared but very excited.  And she was thinking back on of how she had always wanted this day to come, her first day of attending college.  Angeline says she “felt proud and grateful of the opportunity.”  She says her enthusiasm was never once diminished by the Ohlone stairs!

On that first day Angeline met Dr. Sarah Cooper, who became her favorite Psychology professor.  Dr. Cooper made her feel that Ohlone College was indeed a perfect choice to begin her college career.  Angeline tells us that Eddie West and her counselor Mandy Yip were instrumental in making her educational path in Ohlone College a success.

Angeline went on from Ohlone to earn a B.A in Psychology from California State University – East Bay.  She worked at Pacific Child and Family as a behavior therapist for special needs kids.  Angeline now owns and operates a small specialty gift store in the Niles area of Fremont called Gifts-2-Inspire.  She plans on continuing to grow her business and work on her Master’s degree in psychology and to ultimately work with special needs children.

Angeline has a wonderful message from which we can all benefit:

Life is a journey, and one mustn’t be afraid to pursue one’s dream.  Whether it is attainable eventually really does not matter.  What matters is that you try, and the more you try, the higher chance that it would materialize.  And even when it doesn’t happen the way you wanted or visualize it to be, the journey itself is really beautiful – like a rainbow and finding a pot of gold at the end.