2012 Valedictorian: Meixin (Tracy) Yang

When Tracy graduated from high school her goal was to attend a four-year university.  However, she needed to provide support and care for her mother, which included working full-time.  Ohlone was close to home and affordable so she enrolled with the hope of eventually transferring to a university.

While attending classes at Ohlone a classmate told her about the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) at the college to help socioeconomically challenged students.  She looked into it and found it was a great match for the help she needed.  Tracy speaks highly of the EOPS staff and the assistance she received from Counselors Wayne Takakuwa and Mzao Waters.

While at Ohlone Tracy participated in a study abroad trip to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Singapore led by Professor Christine Bolt.  She enjoyed that experience a great deal.  She also took three additional classes with Professor Bolt and became close friends with her.  Tracy also enjoyed taking the geography class taught by Paul Morgan who took the class multiple field trips.

Tracy’s preparation at Ohlone allowed her to transfer to the prestigious Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.  She found the students at Haas to be, “super-competitive academically and professionally.”  She worked hard on her studies, which included gaining a summer internship.  Tracy graduated from Haas in 2014, two years after her transfer from Ohlone, which is an outstanding accomplishment.

Tracy currently works at Google as an account strategist and enjoys her job there.  She ultimately would like a management position in technology company.  In her spare time she attends temple service every weekend, spends time with friends, volunteering, karaoke, traveling, helping people do mock interviews, etc.  She is committed to doing things that will bring positivity to people’s lives.