Chitwood, Roy: Instructional Assistant of Math Learning Center

Roy Chitwood served as Instructional Assistant for the Math Learning Center for 20 years, from January 1987 to his retirement in June 2007.  Upon his retirement, he was granted Emeritus status.

Roy performed his duties in an exemplary fashion such that his responsibilities increased dramatically from Instructional Assistant to Coordinator.  He demonstrated the judgment and mathematical skills that allowed the math faculty to trust him for the hiring of all tutors and he took it upon himself to constantly refresh his mathematical knowledge.  Roy was instrumental in the re-design of the Math Learning Center prior to its move to Hyman Hall and he served as a primary contact person for the adjunct faculty.  Roy was consistently dedicated to making the environment in the Math Learning Center conducive to student learning.  He was highly respected by the math faculty for both his judgment and his abilities.  Roy served on numerous campus committees regarding tutorial services.