Stacey, Mikelyn: English Faculty Member and Division Dean

Mikelyn Stacey was hired as a full-time faculty member of the English Department in August 1990, and eventually becoming Dean of Humanities, Social Sciences and Math.  She retired in July 2011, after 21 years of service.  Upon her retirement, she was granted Emeritus status.

Mikelyn was a vital and innovative member of the faculty, teaching a variety of reading and writing classes and developed text-based and innovative audio-visual programs focused on academic reading skills, many of which were used by her colleagues for years to come, contributing to the success of thousands of students.

Mikelyn further served students and colleagues in supervisory roles in the Reading Lab and in the Writing Lab, continuing to contribute to the development, refinement and streamlining of programs for students in all disciplines, helping them establish vital skills which would assist them in all of their college coursework at Ohlone and in their future endeavors, and preparing the way for a transition to a new, integrated English Learning Center.

Mikelyn was a natural leader.  She served as President of the United Faculty of Ohlone, co-chairing an accreditation self-study, and exhaustive work on many hiring committees, which have helped shape the College and will continue to help it thrive in the years to come.  She was instrumental in helping to design the new Reading and Writing labs that were housed in the new Hyman Hall that opened in 2001.  It was no surprise that she gravitated to administration and became Dean of Humanities, Social Sciences and Mathematics.

As Dean, Mikelyn shouldered great responsibility for key areas of College, discharging her duties with her trademark enthusiasm and energy.  She actively supported a variety of initiatives which helped faculty and students, including: Learning Communities, international study programs, development of A.A. degree programs in various disciplines, leading the Basic Skills Initiative, serving as a Title III coordinator and numerous other small and large tasks which all contributed to the growth and vitality of the College.  She was a steady leader for the Library and Learning Resources Center.

Mikelyn played an instrumental role in the academic and facilities planning for the new Newark Center for Health, Science and Technology that opened in 2008.  She was also a key player in the academic facilities planning for successful the Measure G bond measure in 2010.  The funds from this measure are constructing an Academic Core project on the Fremont Campus, which will include new Library facility and new Reading and Writing Labs.  Before her retirement, Mikelyn help immensely with the vision and plans for these new learning spaces.

Mikelyn was well known throughout the college as a passionate educator, a creative administrator, a faculty advocate and a champion for student success.