DeWitt, Dr. Howard: History and Political Science Faculty Member

Dr. Howard Dewitt was one of the original faculty members employed by Ohlone College.  He was hired as a full time History instructor on April 5, 1967 in preparation for the start of the college’s first quarter of classes in September 1967.  After one year, when he left to pursue his PhD and was employed again on September 1, 1975 and served full-time as a History and Political Science faculty member, reaching the rank of professor.  He retired on May 26, 2005 having served the college for a total of 30 years full time.  Upon his retirement, he was granted Emeritus status.

Excellence in teaching and research were the hallmarks of Dr. Dewitt’s distinguished career, demonstrating scholarship and professionalism in his numerous assignments in the History and Political Science Department.  Dr. DeWitt was a master teacher, highly energetic and passionate in the classroom.  Scores of students have identified him as one of the finest teachers they ever knew.  Outside the classroom he was always available to his students to advise them and guide them in their academic careers and their lives.

During his long and successful tenure at Ohlone, he served on numerous committees, held posts in the United Faculty of Ohlone and the Faculty Senate and acted as faculty advisor to a myriad of student organizations.  Dr. DeWitt was a sought after speaker from the campus for community organizations and even internationally due to his encyclopedic knowledge of Rock and Roll and Ethnic history.  He was the most prolific writer on campus having produced over 20 academic books and even ghost written a few novels.

Howard’s boundless enthusiasm and positive attitude were vital to the life of the college.  He was highly regarded by the thousands of students in his classes over his tenure.  Faculty, staff and administration alike, held Howard in high esteem and respect.  Ohlone College benefited immensely by Howard’s dedication and commitment to teaching and learning and his ever-optimistic presence.