Loukianoff, Victoria: Mathematics Faculty Member (In Memoriam)

Victoria Loukianoff was hired as a full-time faculty member of the Math department in 1998 and retired in 2011.  Upon her retirement, Victoria was granted Emeritus status.

Victoria taught the full range of courses from Arithmetic through Differential Equations.  She participated in college governance at all levels and was an authority on the roles and responsibilities of the faculty.  Victoria maintained the highest standards for both herself and her students.  She was well-known professionalism and dignity served as a model for her colleagues.  Victoria is remembered in the highest regard by everyone in the math department.

In addition to excelling in all the roles of a faculty member in the math department, Victoria also served in two additional roles.  As the math department grew larger, the diversity of opinion becomes more apparent.  Victoria was a calming voice, serving as a mediator among the faculty who held their views passionately.  In this role she was trusted by all as being willing to listen and then help build consensus.  She continued this role off-campus, by hosting department social events at her home in San Francisco.  The elegant surroundings, the home-cooked food, and the taste of chilled Polish vodka created events that are fondly remembered.