Parziale Deb: Nursing Faculty Member and Curriculum Leader

Deb Parziale was hired a full-time faculty member of the Nursing Department in September 1979.  She retired in May 2012, after 33 years of exemplary service.  Upon retirement she was awarded a Distinguished Career Award and was granted Emeritus status.

Deb taught with distinction at all levels in the nursing program in classroom, lab and clinical settings, sharing not only her professional knowledge, but particularly her contagious compassion and empathy, grounding her students in the critical interpersonal skills needed in the nursing field.

In addition to her teaching, Deb served in leadership and development roles within the Nursing Department, including service as an advisor to nursing students, active involvement in curriculum creation and revision, accreditation reporting, and service as the nursing program coordinator, with this experience later benefitting the College.

Deb continued her own professional development and enrichment by undertaking study in alternative and supplementary healing arts such as yoga, meditation and acupressure, and generously sharing what she had learned with students and colleagues and the greater Ohlone community.

Deb worked tirelessly and became a particularly effective chair of the Curriculum Committee at a vital time, ultimately leading dozens of departments and individuals through the CurricUNET development and implementation process, including spending countless hours assisting in the writing of student learning outcomes for programs, departments and courses, creating frameworks for program and course review systems  and diligently working to make CurricUNET a comprehensive resource for additional critical activities such as assessment.

Deb’s dedicated service as professional development coordinator allowed all segments of the campus community to strive for improvement in their work through active and relevant training and exposure to new ideas, facilitating Ohlone’s culture of learning.