Piumarta, Vern: Accounting Faculty Member and Division Dean

Vern Piumarta served Ohlone College as an adjunct faculty member for 7 years before joining the college full time for 33 years, 7.5 of those as Division Dean for Business and Technology.  After retirement as a full time employee in May 2010, he continued teaching accounting courses as an adjunct professor.  In total, Vern served Ohlone College for over 42 years.

Vern’s students continually confirmed he was a superb teacher.  He communicated clear expectations, used a variety of media and techniques, and was well organized.  Students appreciated his preparation, enthusiasm, friendliness, and dedication to their success.

Vern was passionate about teaching and learning and loved to share his knowledge and classroom experiences with other faculty members.

While serving as Division Dean for Business and Technology, Vern played a vital role in the rapid growth of the Newark Center at the MacGregor site.  He lead the tremendous growth in Ohlone College’s CNET and CAOT programs by building strategic relationships with high tech firms like Sun Microsystems and CISCO.  He was active in creating five new computer labs there and developing important partnerships with the Workforce Investment Board.  All of this helped lay the foundation for the passage of Measure A to build the new Newark Campus.

After returning to the faculty ranks, Vern continued to provide leadership in the area of distance learning, building a strong online presence for accounting.

Vern was also one of our pioneers in faculty exchange with China as part of a teaching team in 2005.

After retiring as a full-time Professor, Vern continued to teach as an adjunct faculty member for 2 years, making valuable contributions to the accounting program including coordination adjunct faculty scheduling and managing the accounting lab.