Rodgers, George: Anthropology, Geography and Geology Faculty Member

Professor Rodgers was hired in 1992 and was the sole full time faculty member for the disciplines of Anthropology, Geography, and Geology for most of his tenure.  He retired in 2013, after 21 years of service.  Upon his retirement, he was granted Emeritus status.

Under George’s his leadership each of these disciplines experienced significant enrollment growth with large increases in FTES (Full Time Equivalent Student) and FTEF (Full Time Equivalent Faculty) and the hiring of additional full time faculty.  George’s Physical Geography class, with 100+ students enrolled each term, was one of the most popular classes offered at the college.

George worked with others to house and display many archaeological and Irvingtonian specimens in the Ohlone Museum of Anthropology and Natural History.  This collection of specimens is world renowned, and has been made accessible to grade-school students and the community for many years.

George served as the first sustainability coordinator for the college, leading the college community in emergency preparedness education programs, and has worked with local emergency response agencies in the implementation emergency procedures at Ohlone College.

George’s warm smile, enthusiasm for teaching and for the learning process, his interpersonal skills, George has exemplified the “Ohlone Way,” which encompasses the collaboration with all components of the college community, the encouragement of student academic and personal success and interdisciplinary, division and campus cooperation in support of student success.  George had a reputation of having an excellent rapport with students from all social backgrounds.

George was instrumental in developing and fostering good relations between the College and the community, most notably the Ohlone Indians and Native American communities, through his management of the annual Ohlone Powwow, stewardship of the Indian village reconstruction at Coyote Hills, and extracurricular activities linking Ohlone students to diverse cultural groups.

George served as the Evening Dean for the main campus for two years, supporting faculty and students, and working closely with facilities and campus police.  George was an excellent mentor to new full time and adjunct faculty. George benefited from the community college experience, returning to Ohlone College as its first graduate to be hired in a full time teaching position.

Upon his retirement, George established two scholarship funds to aid future Ohlone students in the pursuit of their academic goals.