Staszkow, Ron: Mathematics Faculty Member

Professor Ron Staszkow served as a member of the Mathematics faculty for a period of 30 years, from September 1977 to his retirement in May 2007.  Upon his retirement, Ron was granted Emeritus status.

Ron created the Math Learning Center and authored the Basic Math curriculum and software.  He was the author or coauthor of three textbooks used at the college.  Two courses that Ron developed, Math for the Liberal Arts and Math for the Associate Degree, that, in addition to fulfilling the educational needs of the students, were designed to make Math fun for a wide variety of students.  Ron was widely acclaimed by his students as a great teacher and caring advisor.  He inspired the Math department, and the college, with his idea that a primary student learning outcome is that students should enjoy the subject matter.  As testament to his excellence in teaching, Ron was awarded the Teaching Excellence Award by the California Mathematics Council for Community Colleges.

In addition to his exemplary teaching and curriculum development work, Ron was an outstanding leader in the Ohlone College community.  He created SOFA (the Ohlone Social Activities Fund “with the letters all mixed up”).  He was the first faculty coordinator of the Staff Development Program.  He was the initiator of the Instructional Skills Workshops.  He was several times a member of the Faculty Senate, served on numerous hiring committees, and was twice a leading member of the Curriculum Committee.  A lasting tribute to Ron is the last line of the resolution conferring his Emeritus Faculty status: “He was seen by his colleagues as a man with fair and good judgment.”