White, Mildred: English Faculty Member and Division Dean

Mildred White began her career at Ohlone in September 1981.  Mildred taught a variety of writing courses; in addition, she served the college as the Writing Lab Supervisor and eventually the Division Dean for English, English as a Second Language, Speech Communication, Early Childhood Studies, Languages and Social Science.  She retired from Ohlone and was granted emeritus status in July 2003.

During her tenure at Ohlone, Mildred was a highly respected, professional teacher who recognized the importance of written communication.  When assuming the position of Writing Lab Supervisor in 1986, she helped maintain, revise and develop curriculum for students at all levels of composition.  She also fostered a sense of department unity.

In 1988, when Mildred became a Dean, she demonstrated superior leadership while continuing to serve students in the classroom.  She was the consummate professional in her interactions with students, faculty and staff.  She further served the college as the interim Vice President of Instruction in 1993.

Mildred provided vital leadership in the academic and facilities planning for the new Reading and Writing Labs, Deans’ office area, and related classrooms on the second floor of the state-funded Hyman Hall construction project.  Once the construction was completed in 2001, she was directly involved in moving the labs into the building and managing operational implementation.

Mildred also served on many departmental and college-wide committees, including the faculty senate and many hiring committees.  This service to the greater community helped shape the future of the college.  During her 22 years at Ohlone, Mildred earned the respect and admiration of her colleagues.

After her retirement, Mildred and her husband moved to Peachtree, Georgia to be closer to their two daughters.  Since moving to Peachtree, Mildred has been busy with the New Neighbors League, nine hole golfers, a book club, a senior exercise group, as well as, marking off items on her “bucket list.”