Marshall, Mary: English Faculty Member and Reading Lab Supervisor

Mary Marshall was hired as adjunct faculty at Ohlone College in December 1975, and became a full-time faculty member on September 1, 1986.  Upon her retirement in May 1996, she was granted Emeritus status.

During most of her tenure at Ohlone, Gloria served as Reading Lab Supervisor, providing leadership to the Reading Program and setting up testing and remedial programs for those students who entered Ohlone with poor reading and writing skills.  She developed and administered individualized instruction programs to many diverse students, including the deaf and learning disabled.  As more and more ESL students entered Ohlone, she developed individualized ESL programs that made it possible for those students to survive and learn in college classes and in their personal lives.

Mary participated actively in various staff development activities and led various workshops including the popular Instructional Skills Workshop designed to encourage instructors to engage their students in the teaching process instead of simply lecturing as their sole teaching technique.  She participated in coordinating Ohlone’s reading program with other community college programs across the state.

Mary served on many English Department and school-wide committees including hiring committees and the sabbatical committee.  She also served as a union representative.  She was known for her warmth and nurturing approach to all students and for being an appreciated leader and participant in the Ohlone academic community.

Mary continues to reside in Sunol where she is active in environmental and community projects.