Oppenheim, Dr. Bennett: Sociology and Computer Science Faculty Member

Bennett Oppenheim was hired in September 1976 a full-time Sociology and Computer Science faculty member, reaching the rank of professor upon receiving his doctorate at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center.  He retired in 2009, after 33 years of dedicated service.  Upon retirement, he was granted Emeritus status.

Bennett taught Sociology and Computer Studies at the college.  He taught in lecture, self-paced, KOHL radio classes, and online formats.  He created and continually maintained the curriculum in the Sociology Department.

He was known by students as passionate and caring teacher.  His lectures were engaging and promoted critical thinking.  Bennett was equally comfortable in other teaching methods and he was an early adopter and pioneer in online teaching.

Bennett was chief negotiator for the United Faculty of Ohlone for 26 years.  In this role he always maintained a strong advocacy for faculty rights and responsibilities.  He consistently worked for fair contracts balancing the desires of individual faculty members with the good of the whole faculty group, as well as the college and it students.