DiJulio, Tony: Mathematics Faculty Member

Tony DiJulio was hired in September 1969 at the beginning of the third year of the college’s existence.  He was one of the Pioneer Faculty at the Serra Campus and was very involved in the early developments of the mathematics curriculum and in preparing for the move to the Mission Boulevard Campus in 1974.  Tony retired in June 2000, after a distinguished 31-year career.  Upon retirement, Tony was granted Emeritus status.

Tony taught the full range of mathematics courses, from beginning algebra through differential equations.  When he felt that something was not being done correctly, he took it upon himself to ensure that the appropriate changes were made.

Outside of the classroom, Tony was very involved with all levels of the college.  In the early years of the college, he served as the coach for the golf and football teams.  He was also instrumental in setting up the faculty union, serving as one of its first presidents and later as chair of the Committee for Employee-Employer Relations (CEER). Toward the end of his career at Ohlone, he was known as the long-term chair of the Curriculum and Program Approval Committee (CAPAC).

Whether working with students or faculty, he was known to speak his mind.  He made sure that there was no ambiguity about his opinions or the depth of his passion for the college.