Limon, Sharlene: Nursing Faculty Member and Division Dean

Sharlene Limon was hired as a Nursing instructor in 1974, rose to the rank of Professor, became Nursing Director Coordinator of the Nursing Program in 1983, then Dean of Health Sciences in 1990, and served Ohlone College with distinction for 33 Years.  She was one of the pioneers in establishing Ohlone’s reputation of providing outstanding programs and courses in health and sciences.  Upon her retirement, she was granted Emeritus status.

When Sharlene joined the Nursing Department the program was in its infancy.  She quickly became a right hand person for the Director, Verle Waters.  Her creativity and futuristic thinking worked in tandem with Ms. Waters to move nursing education and the program forward.  They worked together to develop projects and seek funding to implement new ideas in nursing education.  The first such project was, student to staff nursing: bridging the gap which was funded by the Kellogg foundation.  Sharlene coordinated that national project which resulted in ADN (Associate Degree in Nursing) and BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) programs rethinking the curriculum.  In 1986 she also assisted in developing and procuring funds from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, focused on developing curricula to improve geriatric nursing education and care of the elderly.  She provided leadership to develop and open the Physical Therapy Assistant program in 1998.  This program, like the RT (Respiratory Therapist) and RN (Registered Nursing) programs, has become highly acclaimed for educating high quality practitioners that are sought in the community.

Sharlene was passionate about excellence in the health sciences and provided strong leadership in the ongoing updating of program curriculum and staff development.  She was a role model and mentor for new faculty who went on to be role models and mentors in their own right.  She was a skilled problem solver, a clear communicator, and a highly effective administrator.

Sharlene was a leader in promoting the growth of the Newark Ohlone Center in the leased space at the former McGregor Middle School.  She was instrumental in moving the Physical Therapist Assistant program there as one of the first full-time programs at the Center.  She assisted with a full array of tasks at the Center from advising and registering students to directing traffic in the parking lot.  The growth of the Newark Ohlone Center set the stage for passage of the $150 million Measure A bond in 2001, $100 million of which was earmarked for construction of a new campus in Newark.

Sharlene worked with dedication and enthusiasm in the planning and implementation of the new Campus in Newark, the Center for Health Science and Technology, which opened in January 2008 with over 3,000 students enrolled.  The Newark Campus now provides state-of-the-art health science educational opportunities to the East Bay region.  In conjunction with the new campus, she provided leadership in the development and implementation of human simulation as an integral component of the health sciences curriculum.

Sharlene was a leader in the development of the Enrollment Expansion Partnership with Washington Hospital, which has brought over $2,000,000 in resources to the Nursing program over a five-year period to create 90 additional enrollment spaces.

Sharlene assumed an integral role in maintaining the highest levels of accreditation for the health sciences programs.  Sharlene has been a recognized leader in health science education at the local, state and national levels.