Niccolls, Yvette: Chemistry Faculty Member

Yvette Niccolls was hired as a Chemistry faculty member in 1998.  She retired in 2013, after 15 years of dedicated service.  Upon retirement, Yvette was granted Emeritus status.

Yvette was a master teacher and served as an excellent role model for both adjunct and full-time faculty in the sciences.  Her effective use of models and demonstrations brought theory to life for her students.

Yvette’s commitment to stimulating awareness about and interest in the sciences was evidenced by her successful efforts in coordinating division and campus-wide programs, such as the Friday Science Seminars, where hundreds of students and other members of the college community attended monthly seminars offered by Ohlone’s faculty, student interns and industry representatives.

Yvette successfully coordinated the NASA-Ohlone Science Seminar Series offered every fall semester, where hundreds of students of all ages, their parents and other members of the community gathered to hear eminent NASA scientists and engineers present current information on many space-exploration missions.

Yvette served as the Coordinator of Biotechnology Internships and worked closely with industry representatives to place students in temporary work internships, where they applied the theory and lab skills learned to real-world situations.

Yvette’s also served as Division Science Coordinator.  She assisted the dean and faculty in many ways, such as with the adjunct faculty evaluation process and the conversion to CurricUNET for the course approval and program review processes.

Yvette developed a unique chemistry course that met the needs of biotechnology and pre-nursing students.  This course served as an important prerequisite for Ohlone’s Microbiology and Human Anatomy and Physiology courses.  She worked closely with the faculty teaching this course to maintain the course’s goals and integrity.  Yvette also introduced this course to several local high schools where it is now part of the Ohlone concurrent enrollment program.

Yvette is highly regarded for her kind, warm, sincere nature toward students, faculty, staff, and administration.