Barbara Strain, Charlottesville, VA (1967-1969)

Received BA in Biology at Cal State Hayward (now East Bay)
Received MA in Microbiology at Cal State Fresno
Medical Technologist certification with specialty in Microbiology

I worked for seven years as a Microbiologist at Valley Children’s Hospital, then moved to Virginia in 1985. There I became a Manager of Clinical Microbiology at University of Virginia Health System for 12 years.  I am currently Director of Value Management at UVA Health System.

My best memory was meeting my husband at Ohlone.  We have been married 45 years.

I remember prepping biology labs for Jim Goodwin. I was also campaign manager for Dorian Hostetler, who became President of Associated Student of Ohlone College (ASOC). I served on the board of ASOC.