Michele McDowell, San Jose, CA (1980-1982)

Bachelor of Science, Business – Marketing, Cal Poly Pomona – 1984
M.B.A., UC Irvine – 1989
M.S. Education, Cal State Hayward (East Bay) – 1995

I am a full time faculty member at Ohlone College in Early Childhood Education. My teaching here at Ohlone is a definite homecoming.

I grew up in Fremont, and I always knew I wanted to teach. Unfortunately, at the time I started college many school districts were closing schools and laying off teachers. The job outlook was poor, and those “older and wiser” encouraged me to choose another field. I decided to pursue a career in business. I spent the next decade earning three business degrees and working both in the high tech industry and real estate development only to find that my passion was truly teaching as it had been since I was a young child.

I returned to school and earned my M.S. in Education and began my career in teaching. My first teaching opportunity was teaching at a homeless shelter for women and young children. Through several Adult Education programs in the area I have taught numerous parent education classes both for at-risk families and the general community. I also have seven years experience in the preschool classroom-teaching toddlers through four-year-old children and their parents.

In 1996 I started teaching part-time for Ohlone College and I have been teaching here full-time since 2002. Working in the field of Early Childhood Education is my passion. I have enjoyed working with young children, their parents, and college students who also have a love and passion to make a difference in the lives of children and their families. I have come home to where I belong.