Robert Birdwell, Danville, CA (1971-1976)

I started at Ohlone when I returned from ‘Nam. I was working at Peterbilt at the time, so attended nights. I received numerous promotions at Peterbilt, then moved on to Mack Trucks. I have been working at Gillig for the last 35 years, and am currently Executive Director there. I’ve been blessed with being able to work my entire work life in my major, and in the field that has always interested me, automotive. I feel extremely lucky to have graduated from “Big O, Little C”.

All through my time at Ohlone I was working from 5 or 6 am, getting off work in time to start classes at 7…heading home at 10 pm, (youth isn’t wasted on the young!), so I didn’t have a lot of “social interaction” there.