Stillman, Bart: Computer Studies Faculty Member (In Memoriam)

Bart Stillman was hired in September, 1968 and retired in June, 1994, after 26 years of dedicated and distinguished service.  Upon retirement, he was granted Emeritus status.

Bart was one of the Pioneer Faculty at the Serra Campus on Washington Boulevard in Fremont.  He was the founder of the computer studies program for the college.  He was involved in the planning and preparations for the move to the Mission Boulevard Campus in 1974 and establishing the computer studies facilities there.

Bart played a most significant role in the ongoing development and updating of the computer studies curriculum and program, as well as the computing equipment.  During his tenure at Ohlone, technology and computing changed tremendously and Bart played a vital part in making sure the college kept up with these changes.

Bart’s leadership was valued outside his department.  He was Division Chair for the Computer Science and Business Department for two years.  He also served as Faculty Senate President for two years and served on various local and state-wide Academic Senate committees, where he championed the rights and needs of his students and colleagues.

Bart was highly esteemed by all at the college for his devotion to Ohlone and its mission and for his wit and good humor.