Teshara, Constance “Connie” M.: Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs / Deputy Superintendent

Connie Teshara was hired by the college in 1986.  She served during the tenure of four District presidents and provided support for five Vice-Presidents.  She worked in Student Services for nine years, Instruction for two years, and Academic Affairs for fifteen years, a total of 26 years of dedicated and distinguished service to Ohlone College.  Connie retired in December 2014.  Upon retirement, she was granted Emeritus status.

Connie displayed high levels of professionalism and integrity in her work in providing high level administrative support.  She was known for her extensive knowledge of Ohlone’s systems and procedures, and was a key resource person for many at the college.  She consistently provided exceptional service to students, faculty, staff, administrators and community members.  In all her duties and interactions Connie was enthusiastic, positive, and very effective.

Connie worked with the Foundation and others on the Ohlone College / Fremont Bank Golf Tournament for thirty years.  She was a key player in the implementation of the Datatel Colleague management information system, especially by developing training materials for the budget components of the system and assisting with training for both the budget and student modules.  Connie earned a word processing certificate and took many other work related courses at Ohlone College.

Connie served on many District committees, most notably the Technology and Budget Committees; many hiring committees, and four District Accreditation Teams.  She was the first to volunteer for Foundation events, and many other District events.  Connie has always been and will always be a loyal, ardent cheerleader for the Ohlone College.