Weed, John: Board Member

John Weed served on the Ohlone Community College District Board of Trustees from 1977 to 2010, a total of over 33 years of elected service to the district.  During his tenure on the Board, John was active in the United States Air Force Reserve as a Civil Engineer.  Upon retirement from the Board in 2010, he was granted Emeritus status.

John cycled through as Board Chair for six one-year terms, during his time on the Board.  He served on many Board subcommittees, including the Board’s Audit, Finance and Facilities Subcommittee, as well as the Board’s Policy Subcommittee.  He represented the Board at many state and nation-wide trustee conferences.  In 2009, the Community College League of California honored him for his over 30 years of service on the Board of Trustees.  John was elected to the Board of Directors of the Alameda County Water District in Nov 1995, and served concurrently for a time, and continues on that Board until this day.

John’s knowledge of the community and its history was always of great value as the Board engaged in planning and decision making.  His understanding of the law and his experience in civil engineering contributed significantly to the work of the Board.  He continually maintained a solid grasp of the changing state, national and international issues involved in community college education.  His vision for the potential of Ohlone College over the years was important to the development of the scope of the curriculum and services of the college.

John served our country with distinction in the United States Air Force, retiring in 2000 with the rank of Colonel.  He also served the Tri-City area with dedication, as a Member of the Newark Rotary, the Ohlone College Foundation Board, and as a Director of the Alameda County Water District Board.  He had the foresight in the year 2000 to lead the effort to change the name of the college district from the “Fremont-Newark” Community College to the “Ohlone” Community College District, to recognize the college’s service and impact beyond the boundaries of Fremont and Newark.

John has seen the District evolve and grow over time, serving as a trustee during the tenure of five college presidents and celebrating the opening of a new campus in the city of Newark.  He is highly regarded for his consistent support for the college over his long tenure and always keeping the interests of the District foremost in his thoughts and actions on the Board.