Jackson, G. Craig: Speech and Drama Faculty Member (In Memoriam)

Craig Jackson was hired as a full-time Speech and Drama faculty member on April 5, 1967 before classes actually began in September of that year.  As a Pioneer Faculty member, he was actively involved in preparing for the opening of the college at the Serra Center Campus on Washington Boulevard in Fremont.

In the seven year period that the college was located at the Serra Campus Craig was a passionate leader in establishing a thriving Drama program in a portable building.  He taught classes in a regular classroom and produced plays at Cal State Hayward, Niles Elementary and other off campus locations.  Craig actively participated in the planning for and execution of the move to the permanent campus on Mission Boulevard in 1974, which included the moving of the portable theater building to the new campus, and renamed Studio 22.

Craig was instrumental in creating the initial vision for a new fine and performing arts facility for the college.  He worked extensively on the plans for the facility, once state funding was procured.  Although his untimely death precluded him for experience the completion of the facility and the opening in 1995, the main theater in the Smith Center now bears his name as the Jackson Theater in memory of his service to the school and acknowledging his gifts to the college.