Kruppenbacher, Judy: Counseling, Psychology and Business Faculty Member

Judy Kruppenbacher was hired in September, 1969 and retired in May, 2001, after 32 years of dedicated and distinguished service. Upon retirement, she was granted Emeritus status.

Judy was one of the Pioneer Faculty at the Serra Campus on Washington Boulevard in Fremont.  She began her career as a full-time teacher in the Psychology Department.  She joined the Counseling Department in 1970 and subsequently divided her load between Psychology and Counseling.  In 1979, she began teaching Business Law along with Psychology courses and maintained an assignment in Counseling.

Judy made excellence the hallmark of her distinguished career, demonstrating dignity and professionalism with her many and varied assignments.  She was honored with the Outstanding Teacher Award at Ohlone for 1975-76.

Judy played a significant role in the development of curriculum at Ohlone including Chairing the Curriculum Committee for six of the nine years she served on the committee.  While Chair of the Curriculum Committee she directed the first full and formal curriculum review process for the college.  She also created five new courses in the psychology department.

Judy displayed professional leadership by serving on numerous campus committees including Chair of the Budget Task Force, Admissions and Records and Counseling Task Force, and the Matriculation Committee.  She also managed the Matriculation Program for a year and developed many of the procedures for implementation of that program.  She was active in the Faculty Senate and held various leadership positions including Senate President for 1975-76.  She also provided service as Secretary-Treasurer and Vice-President of the United Faculty of Ohlone.

Judy was highly regarded for her outstanding work with the Health Sciences Division, especially her excellent counseling, attention to detail, and monitoring of student progress in the Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, Medical Assistant, and Physical Therapy Assistant programs.