Hendrickson, Barbara: Professor of English (In Memoriam)

Barbara Hendrickson was one of the original full-time faculty members who began teaching at Ohlone in September 1967.  She contributed her expertise and enthusiasm to the organization of the English Department and the Writing Lab and to the development of Women’s Studies and Women’s Literature.  Barbara was particularly interested in working with deaf students and second language students and she always kept their needs in mind when preparing assignments.  Barbara retired in June 1989 after 22 years of dedicated teaching.  Upon retirement, she was the first faculty member to be granted Emeritus status.

At the end of her first year of teaching at Ohlone, Barbara wrote an essay “Not So Tranquil Recollections of Ohlone’s First Year” (College Archive).  Barbara’s words about the faculty really reflected her own point of view.  In her words:

To put it simply, they (the faculty) care.  They care about their students as individuals and as a body.  They want to teach them, they want to know them as human beings; they want to help them be successful in whatever goals they have chosen for themselves.

This certainly sums up Barbara’s point of view about teaching at Ohlone.

Barbara also had a life-long interest in art.  She earned an Masters of Fine Arts and honed her skills as an artist over the years.  After her retirement from teaching, she had several exhibitions of her work around the East Bay and she was actively involved in the Louie-Meager Art Gallery at Ohlone.  There, she helped curate the Agnes Pelton exhibit and the “California Sun and Light” exhibit by Ed Leys.

In addition to her own work, Barbara worked actively to begin the archives that document Ohlone’s history.  For the 40th anniversary in 2007, she began the process of organizing and sorting the many documents and photos that had been taken over the years.

Barbara and her husband moved to Santa Rosa, CA in  2010.  She died in 2015, but she will always be remembered for her many contributions to the College.