Cunningham, Susan: English Faculty Member

Susan Cunningham was hired as an English faculty member in August 1992 and retired in May 2011, after 19 years of dedicated service.  Upon retirement, she was granted Emeritus status.

Throughout her career, Susan taught a wide range of composition courses, from developmental to transfer-level, with care, compassion and consistently high standards, wanting her students to succeed at all levels.

Susan supervised the operations of the Writing Lab at a critical time of growth and transition, overseeing the updating of supplemental programs for many courses as well as the coordination of vital tutoring services for students with a variety of needs, balancing limited resources to serve as many students as possible.

Susan had previous experience working in Silicon Valley.  She used the knowledge that clear communication is vital in the modern workplace to develop and teach with particular interest and passion the English Department’s Report and Technical Writing course for many years, including its transition to being taught online.

Susan collaborated in the development and teaching of an elective course in multicultural literature as well as a course on the mystery novel, blending her personal interests in these genres with her professional skills, and participated in the Learning Communities program, teaching in tandem with colleagues to provide a unique, coordinated curriculum for Ohlone’s students.

In addition to service on the Faculty Senate and other committees, Susan served on the Basic Skills Committee as the course coordinator for English 151B, a key course in preparing students for transfer-level work, relying on her experience with and interest in basic skills students, whose success she strongly championed.