Halland, Walt: Biology Faculty Member

Walt Halland was hired in September, 1971 and retired in May, 2000, after 29 years of dedicated and distinguished service.  Upon retirement, he was granted Emeritus status.

Walt was one of the Pioneer Faculty working to establish Ohlone College at the Serra Campus on Washington Boulevard in Fremont and participated in the move to the Mission Boulevard Campus in 1974.

Walt was well known for his enthusiastic and highly engaging teaching style.  Fittingly, he made the life sciences come alive.  He combined his passion for his discipline with a sincere caring for his students.  He received national recognition for creating a course in human sexuality, demonstrating the highest scientific and academic standards.

Walt was the college’s first faculty member to offer Anatomy and Physiology, a very important transfer course.  It also became a vital course for the health sciences programs.  Walt also taught courses in Birds of California and History of Biology, to great effect.  He was also the first Photography teacher at Ohlone.

Walt served the college by participating on numerous committees including faculty and staff hiring committees in the math and science division.  He conducted staff development activities for the Ohlone and staff, and was famous for his field trips identifying the bird populations in the hills surrounding the campus.

Walt was an engaging person with a deep commitment to Ohlone College.  He was held in the highest esteem by administrators, colleagues, and students.