Kong, Yu-Hay: Audio Visual Repair Technician and Desktop Support II

Yu-Hay Kong was hired as the Audio Visual Repair Technician in October, 1974, and retired in December, 2007, after 33 years of service to the District.  Upon retirement, he was granted Emeritus status.  For several years after his retirement he continued serving the college during peak periods.

Yu-Hay performed his duties in an exemplary fashion such that his responsibilities increased dramatically from Audio Visual Repair Technician to Desktop Support II.  He demonstrated the ability to repair any kind of machine including computers and was constantly setting up labs during his early years.

Yu-Hay served on numerous District committees.  He graciously volunteered his own time to repair eyeglasses, watches, and recorders for District employees.

Yu-Hay’s constant willingness to lend a hand, provide service, and his dedication to the District has been the hallmark of an outstanding career.  He was respected by all District employees for both his judgment and his abilities.