Waters, Kenn: Counseling Faculty Member and Division Dean

Kenn Waters hired on February 1, 1993 as a Counseling faculty member and then became the Dean of the Counseling Division.  He retired June 30, 2011, after 18 years of dedicated and accomplished service.  Upon retirement, he was granted Emeritus status.  As of this writing, Kenn continues to teach in an adjunct capacity.

Kenn served as an administrator in the capacity of Director of Counseling, Dean of Counseling, and Dean of Students from 1993 to 2000, and again as an administrator as the Interim Dean of Counseling from 2010 to 2011.  As Dean, he provided leadership to the Counseling Department, Matriculation Services, EOPS and the Personal Development program.  He also helped to rekindle the recruitment relationship with local high schools going out several time with the then Vice-president, Dr. Jim Wright.

Kenn was a member of the Ohlone Faculty and earned the rank of Professor of Counseling.  He advised and counseled a vast range of students, including general students, international students, student-athletes, as well as life-long learners, while maintaining the highest professional standards.  For a number of years Kenn was the designated counselor for athletes and focused on making sure all athletes had solid educational plans with a pathway to transfer.  He frequently attended athletic games to show his support for the student-athletes.

Kenn taught numerous courses including Personal Development, Psychology, Sociology, and selected topic courses for athletes and students of the general population.  Additionally, he developed and created the Associate Degree in Human Development Studies major which has clearly become one of the college’s most popular program.  Kenn does not like to mention his involvement in the creation  of this major with that guided assistance of Dean Chris Warden.

Kenn served his colleagues and the College community with distinction on many campus-wide committees, including the Matriculation Committee, the Assessment Committee, and numerous important task forces.  Off campus he served a number of years as the Region IV Matriculation representative meeting locally and with the State Chancellor’s Office in Sacramento.  At one point, he even served as one of the Statewide representatives for Counseling.

Kenn is a true model of a lifelong learner.  While at Ohlone he obtained his doctorate degree.  He is fluent in Spanish, conversant French, studying Arabic, and is currently learning Chinese.  He believes he can become functional in Chinese within a year.

For 18 years Kenn was an inspired colleague, shared his wealth of knowledge as a teacher, counselor and educational administrator, and did so with wit and good humor.