Deggelman, Pat: Executive Assistant to the President / Superintendent

Pat Deggelman was hired in March 1982 as an Administrative Assistant in the Counseling Division.  In 1989 she became Executive Assistant to the President / Superintendent, the position she held for 27 years until her retirement in 2003.  In total, Pat had 22 years of dedicated service at Ohlone.  Upon retirement, she was granted Emeritus status.

Pat was a highly respected and dedicated professional in every sense of the word, helping students to achieve their educational goals and helping members of administration to perform in their roles most effectively.  Pat’s delightful sense of humor was always uplifting and represented the life and spirit of Ohlone College.

Pat performed the complex and demanding job of Executive Assistant to the President / Superintendent with grace and tact, and always treated all with respect and courtesy.  She was the first stop for many in the community looking to connect with the college and she provided them with outstanding service.

During her 22 years of service, she earned the esteem and admiration of the entire college community, including students, faculty, staff, administration and Board members.