Ellis, Claire: Deaf Studies Counseling Faculty Member

Claire C. Ellis was hired in 1993 as a counselor in the Deaf Studies Program, first as part-time and later full-time, and retired in 2011.  Upon her retirement, after 18 years of dedicated service, she was granted Emeritus status.

Claire was a highly respected counselor and advocate for Deaf students, and a professional in every sense of the word.  She consistently helped students to achieve their educational goals and realize the reward of perseverance and self-advocacy.

Claire worked tirelessly as an ambassador for the college recruiting students throughout California at high schools, colleges, and conferences.  She also worked to encourage representatives of universities to visit Ohlone to recruit students for transfer.  When the Deaf Studies Division moved to Building 6 in 2008 Claire advocated for, and was central to the planning of, a counseling area large enough to serve students in a professional and academic manner.

Claire served her colleagues, the college community and the Deaf community with distinction.  She served on college-wide committees and hiring committees, shaping the future of the Deaf Studies division.  She worked to build and promote the outstanding reputation of the Ohlone College Deaf Studies Division locally, nationally and internationally, and to advance high quality educational opportunities for deaf students.