Lawrence, Shelley: Interpreter Preparation Program Faculty and Coordinator

Shelley Lawrence was hired as a full-time faculty member in the Deaf Program in November 17, 1980.  She retired in May 2015, after 35 years of dedicated service.

Shelley was a highly respected, innovative teacher, a professional in every sense of the word, helping students to achieve their educational goals and helping them realize the reward of perseverance and self-advocacy.  Shelley served as Coordinator of the Interpreter Preparation Program (IPP) in the Deaf Studies Division and, in that capacity, demonstrated her superior leadership, earning the respect and admiration of students, College faculty, staff, and administration.

Shelley always enthusiastically supported her colleagues, the College Community and the Deaf Community with distinction on many departmental, college-wide, strategic, and on many hiring committees, shaping the future of the College.

Shelley worked to build the outstanding reputation of the Ohlone College IPP locally, nationally, and internationally, and to advance high-quality interpreter training opportunities for students, earning widespread recognition as a respected role model and source of inspiration for interpreting professionals.