Pressler, Jerry: Geography-Geology Faculty Member

Jerry Pressler was hired in September 1974 and retired in June 1992, after 18 years of dedicated service.  Upon his retirement, he was granted Emeritus status.

Jerry played a significant role in establishing the Geography, Geology and Anthropology programs.  He was an excellent instructor for 18 years including servicing as Faculty Senate President.  He was also instrumental in establishing Ohlone College museum and acquiring a fossil collection unique in the world.

Jerry had a very positive impact on his many students.  Several of his students went on to become professional geographers and geologists.  His mentoring of one of them, George Rodgers, led to George going on for a master’s degree.  He then came back to Ohlone as a full-time faculty member of the Geography, Geology and Anthropology programs to take Jerry’s place, after he retired.  Then, for nearly 20 years, George carried on with the legacy Jerry had built.