Putnam, Dennis: Financial Aid Officer

Dennis Putnam was hired on October 1, 1972.  He was one of the Serra Campus staff who helped with the move to the Mission Boulevard Campus in 1974.  Dennis retired on October 14, 2003, after 31 years of dedicated and accomplished service.

Dennis was a Financial Aid Officer with an open heart.  While he was an expert on Financial Aid regulations and paperwork he, at the same time, genuinely cared about the students, faculty and staff.  He was often the first to advocate for a troubled student and would continue to advocate for the student long after others would have given up on the process.  Dennis was always a calming presence in the registration area, particularly during the busiest enrollment periods.

Dennis had deep affection for his staff and was very loyal to them as they were to him.  He served as the unofficial observer of issues and protector for vulnerable staff.  He was often called upon to be a “presence” in the lobby when someone was meeting with a troubled student.

Dennis was particularly dedicated to helping students who were military veterans.  He worked with veterans in official and unofficial ways to make the system work for them to make sure that the students receive the support they needed and deserved.

Dennis was an ardent advocate for the community college mission.  He included himself as a lifelong learner, as he took it upon himself to take classes at Ohlone on a regular basis and ended up earning an associate degree in Social Science during his tenure.