Broderick Moy (1973-1976)

In 1976, I earned my AA Degree in Natural Science at Ohlone College and continued my education at San Jose State University. A BS degree in Microbiology, with a Minor in Chemistry at San Jose State, gave me the opportunity to work as a chemist at an analytical testing laboratory. After 10+ years, I moved into the Environmental Laboratory field and currently work locally at Union Sanitary District as the Laboratory Director. For the last 26 years, I’ve enjoyed working in the environmental field and taking part in the protection of our environment – the San Francisco Bay Estuary.

In 1973, I attended Ohlone College at the Washington Boulevard location. It was quite an experience. Giant parking lot, however, tiny classrooms. Shorty after, it was hiking up the hill to attend the new campus. Every day began with that morning exercise just to get to class. The campus was beautiful and nestled in the hillside. I remember there was a vending machine that carried candy and snacks. One day, I saw a tarantula in the machine on top of a Hostess Cupcake! There was a lot of wildlife at the campus. We just had to share the habitat. Being from the smaller campus, I got to know some of the original teachers.

One most notable was James Klent, my chemistry teacher. I was never one for chemistry but he was such a good teacher that it sunk in and I continued in the sciences. I had good memories of the young Ohlone campus. I studied hard and frequently visited the cafeteria for its strong coffee, which I found to be a part of student life.

I also remember taking Dr. Barber’s Anatomy and Physiology class.  Dr. Barber held her classes in a fun and spirited fashion. I recall how she made us at ease when we had to work with the cadaver. (That was tough).  I really liked her style and her encouragement.