Anderson, Bob: Bookstore Manager and Director of General Services / Purchasing

Bob Anderson was hired in 1967 and retired in 1996 after 29 years of dedicated service.  Upon his retirement, he was granted Emeritus status.

Bob was one of the Ohlone Pioneers.  He was hired before classes began to organize and open the Bookstore when the college opened in September 1967.  The store opened at the temporary Serra Campus on Washington Boulevard in Fremont.  He was involved with the planning and move to the permanent Fremont Campus on Mission Boulevard in 1974.  Bob also served as Director of General Services / Purchasing during 1995.

Bob oversaw the growth of the Bookstore operations from inception to a successful $2.2 million business that actively served the needs of students and faculty.  He introduced a Point of Sale program, an affordable computer sale program for students, an employee computer purchase program through payroll deductions, and the furnishing of ATM services.  Bob actively contributed to the District’s exemplary recycling program and the Acquisition Program for Group II equipment for the Smith Center for the Fine and Performing Arts.

Bob demonstrated loyalty, dedication, and commitment to the learning environment.  Bob garnered the trust and respect of faculty, staff, students and professional peers in education and the Bookstore industry.