Kane, Meredith: Counseling Faculty Member

Meredith Kane was hired in September 1972 and retired in May 1996, after 24 years of dedicated service.  Upon her retirement, she was granted Emeritus status.

As one of Ohlone’s first full-time counselors and Faculty Pioneers at the temporary Serra Campus on Washington Boulevard in Fremont, Meredith was involved in establishing the services of the counseling department.  She also assisted with the planning and implementation of counseling services at the permanent Fremont Campus on Mission Boulevard, which opened in 1974.

Meredith established, developed and carried out the program for admission, advisement, and counseling for international students.  As Ohlone’s first counselor for international students, she provided significant support for student success.  She developed several support programs for other student groups, including services for reentry women, for refugee students, and for English as a Second Language (ESL) students.  Meredith also provided general counseling to hundreds of traditional college students.

Meredith participated as a valued member and often leader of several college committees including those dealing with admissions, financial aid, ESL, and matriculation.  She developed and taught courses for students in areas of college orientation and acculturation and workshops for staff on intercultural understanding.  Meredith continually and unselfishly gave valuable advice and support to her peers.

Meredith believed deeply in the mission of the community college, especially providing opportunities to non-traditional students.  Three of her children graduated from Ohlone.