Landavazo, Jim: Librarian

Jim Landavazo was hired in September 1974, and has served full-time as a Media Librarian, reaching the rank of professor, and retired in May 2006, after 32 years of dedicated service.  Upon retirement, he was granted Emeritus status.

Jim was instrumental in giving students and faculty library orientations.  He diligently searched to locate off campus research materials requested by staff and students.  Jim had a very student-centered approach to serving students, while also holding them accountable and responsible.  He engaged students in how to evaluate the quality of internet resources available to them.

Jim was influential in setting up cultural presentation or artistic exhibits in the library.  He maintained an important connection to Ohlone’s Chicano Studies program, and the library had many fabulous Dia de los Muertos altars over the years, thanks to Jim’s efforts.  Jim contributed significantly to the development of the Learning Resources Center’s Tutorial Program.

Jim was always available to assist students and faculty with a friendly and approachable style.  He was a generous person in the workplace who regularly brought in delicious cakes and doughnuts for all the staff to enjoy.  He was always at the ready when anything heavy (furniture, shelving, cabinets) had to be moved and there was always a lot to move in the library!  Jim was also the library’s resident poet; often he created a verse commemorating a positive event or a struggle.

Jim was a librarian with a strong commitment to the community college mission and the importance of library services in supporting teaching and learning.  He developed strong bonds with many of the students with whom he worked.  He truly cared about their lives, they knew it, and it made a difference.  He was always himself and never compromised his views or his ideas about what mattered most to students.