Peck, Dr. Shirley: Library and Learning Resources Division Dean

Dr. Shirley Peck was hired in June 1997 and retired in August 2004, after seven years of accomplished service.  Shirley came to the college with a wealth of experience in community college library administration particularly in technology integration into library and learning resources.  She came to Ohlone as the college entered a new phase of technology development, including the increase of access to computing for faculty and students and the development of a robust internal network and access to the internet.

Shirley played a pivotal role in the advancement of educational technology at the college.  In 1997 the library website was established.  In 1998 the retrospective conversion was completed.  The library catalog was moved entirely online and the card catalog was removed.  In 1999 the library catalog moved to web-based system, also accessible from off-campus.  In 2001 over 1,200 e-books were added to the library collection.

With the strong support of faculty librarians, Shirley spearheaded the effort to add an Information Competency graduation requirement for Ohlone students.  In today’s Internet-centric information environment, the ability to find and evaluate information effectively has become ever more critical.

Shirley provided important leadership and support in the development of online learning.  She facilitated a group of online faculty pioneers to create what was to become a thriving “third campus” for the college.  Her staff supported faculty in the development and implementation of online course, which involved considerable training and professional development activities.

Under Shirley’s direction, a satellite library and learning resources center was established at the Newark Ohlone Center (NOC) in the leased facilities at the MacGregor site.  The services provided in this center were crucial to supporting the growth of the NOC that lead to the eventual passage of Measure A in 2001 and the construction of the new Newark Campus, which opened in 2008.  Shirley was actively involved in the planning for the library and learning resources at the new campus.  Shirley also supported the Tutoring Center and established the Tutoring Committee to coordinate and support tutoring services that were being offered across the college departments.

Shirley was a tenacious advocate for library and learning resources at the college.  She was an educator devoted to supporting faculty and students in the teaching and learning process.  Her tenure at Ohlone marked a significant turning point in educational technology at the college.  The foundations she helped build have been vital to the ongoing advancements in the use of library and learning resources to support teaching and learning.