Steinke, Joe: Philosophy Faculty Member

Joe Steinke was hired in September 1970 and retired in June 1992 after 22 years of dedicated service.  He was a Pioneer Faculty member at the temporary Serra Campus on Washington Boulevard in Fremont and was involved in the move to the permanent Mission Boulevard Campus in 1974.  Upon his retirement, he was granted Emeritus status.

Joe was widely regarded as an outstanding instruction by students and peers alike.  He was awarded Teacher of the Year by the Faculty Senate for his dedication to the instructional program.

The college benefited from Joe’s background as the founder of a monastery, New Clairvaux, in Vina, California, and where, as a practicing Catholic priest earned a degree of Theology in Angelicum University in Rome.

Joe always maintained a role either as the evening coordinator or instructor in the evening program for 23 years.  He was the Division Chair for Social Sciences for two years, and instituted the instructional program on KOHL.