Strickler, Carolyn: Business Administration and Accounting Faculty Member (In Memoriam)

Carolyn Strickler was hired in September 1967 as one of Ohlone’s original full-time faculty members.  She was involved in opening of the college at the temporary Serra Campus on Washington Boulevard in Fremont.  She was also involved the planning for and move to the permanent Fremont Campus on Mission Boulevard in 1974.

Carolyn retired in June 2010, after nearly 43 years of dedicated and accomplished service; one of the longest tenures in the history of the college.  Upon her retirement, she was presented with a Career Achievement Award.

Carolyn contributed significantly in the creation and development of the business curriculum and programs.  She helped build the business administration and accounting courses into a strong transfer program.  She also provided leadership and support to develop the Accounting Lab.

As early as 1969, Carolyn fought for student representation to the Ohlone board of trustees.  In 1971 she became the President of the first faculty union, the Ohlone College chapter of the American Federation of Teachers, at Ohlone College.  When the union decided to become independent, Carolyn helped create the first constitution of the United Faculty of Ohlone and was on the committee to negotiate the first contract with the district.

Carolyn served on a myriad of college committees and acting as advisor to student clubs.  She loved being faculty representative for statewide committees, travelling to their meetings at her own expense.

Her love of teaching and her willingness to always seek ways to improve, even after teaching for many years.  She was very committed to providing students with skills and knowledge in the field of accounting, which they could use to be successful in their careers and for success at the university.

She stayed loyal to the college and her students.  She had a quiet personality but her actions in support of her students did all her talking for her.  She loved teaching and loved her students.