Smith, Ollie: Accounts Payable Technician

Ollie Smith was hired in February 1975 as an Accounts Payable Technician.  She retired from that position in February 2000, after 25 years of dedicated service.  Upon her retirement, she was granted Emeritus status.

Ollie had consistently demonstrated dedication and commitment to the students, faculty, staff and programs Ohlone College.  Her professional work was characterized by enthusiasm, conscientiousness, resourcefulness and loyalty.

Ollie was involved in college activities beyond her work in the Business Office.  In particular, she was very active in the CalWORKs Program, which provides financial and other support to students who are economically disadvantaged.  She was honored with an award from the program staff and students in 1999 recognizing her outstanding commitment to the goals and students of the program.

Ollie actively and steadfastly represented her peers in negotiations for classified staff.  She provided mentorship and caring direction to many new staff at Ohlone College with a warm sense of humor and a vision of diversity.  She served on many hiring committees and encouraged the diversity of staff and faculty base at the college.