Wong, Maelene: Business Education Faculty Member

Maelene Wong was hired in August 1991 as a full-time Business Education Faculty Member.  She retired in May 2001 after 10 years of service and was granted Emeritus status.

Maelene initiated and wrote the grant for Tech Prep and coordinated the Tech Prep grant, a program which prepared high school students for entry into the community college environment and beyond.  In so doing she nurtured strong ties between high school staff and Ohlone College.

Maelene revised and updated curriculum and developed the Microsoft Word 2000 and Excel 2000 instructional programs for the Business Office Technology Department, and shared her expertise by mentoring full-time and adjunct faculty members.

Maelene initiated a Partnership for Excellence grant program for the Microsoft Office User Specialist certificate testing, and she assisted in the development of fast track certificates for Office Support, Office Computer Applications and Desktop Publishing.  She was active in advising and encouraging students to earn these certificates.

Maelene served often and well on many campus-wide committees including the Curriculum Committee, staff development, sabbatical leave and various advisory committees.  She participated actively in many staff development activities providing many instructors with valued and appreciated teaching skills.