Clamp, Betty: Consumer and Family Science Faculty Member, Program Review Coordinator, and Staff Development Coordinator

Betty Clamp was hired as a full-time faculty member in January 1975 and retired in May 1999, after almost 25 years of dedicated and accomplished service.  Upon retirement, she was granted Emeritus status.

Betty’s career at Ohlone was distinguished by her dignity and professionalism in carrying out her many and varied assignments.  She led the development of the Consumer and Family Sciences Department from its inception.  She prepared and administered many highly successful federal and state grants used to fund special programs for the benefit of the students, departments and college.

Betty pioneered the creation and development of special online instructional courses in her area of expertise, Nutritional Science.  She offered several nationally distributed texts and computer software for use in nutritional instruction.  Betty developed and instructed many community-based classes thereby reaching special populations for Ohlone.  Betty’s expertise was well-known and she was invited to speak at numerous state and national conferences.

Betty was active outside her department.  She was involved in numerous college committees and served as Faculty Senate President.

Later in her tenure, Betty’s leadership and organizational skills led her to college-wide assignments.  She served as Program Review Coordinator and was instrumental in creating a more focused system of program peview on a college-wide level, including both instructional and non-instructional areas.  She also served as Staff Development Coordinator.

Beyond her academic expertise and leadership organizational skills, Betty is remembered for her enthusiasm and positive attitude, and her dedication to the mission and goals of Ohlone College.