Dark, Anitra: English Faculty Member

Anitra Dark was hired as a part-time faculty member in September, 1967.  In September, 1975 she was hired as a full-time faculty member until leaving in December, 1980.  She was hired back as a full-time faculty member in February, 1988 and retired in June, 1996, after a total of 21 years of dedicated service.  Upon retirement, she was granted Emeritus status.

Anitra was one of the Pioneer Faculty at the Serra Campus on Washington Boulevard in Fremont.  She was a part-time teacher when the college opened in September, 1967.  After the college moved to the Mission Boulevard Campus in 1974, she was hired as a full-time faculty member the following year.

Anitra distinguished herself as a model teacher to be emulated by others and she generously shared her expertise by mentoring many faculty.  She offered continual warmth and compassion and nurtured both students and faculty.

Anitra demonstrated exceptional leadership as Writing Subcommittee Facilitator and as the Writing Lab Supervisor.  She worked with patience and empathy to serve ESL (English as a Second Language) and deaf students.

Anitra tirelessly contributed to the implementation of shared governance at Ohlone after the passage of AB 1725.  She was an advocate for faculty involvement and demonstrated this by her own participation in numerous college committees.