Prazak, Dotti: Scheduling Control Clerk, Staff Secretary of Office of Instruction, Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Business, Director of Scheduling and Evening Program, and Newark Ohlone Center Director

In 1981, Dotti Prazak was hired by Ohlone College as a Scheduling Control Clerk.  As the Scheduling Control Clerk, Dotti’s role was to input the schedule of classes on a word processor.  This process eventually moved to a computer with data input for each individual class.  This was before email when so much of the communication with the various Dean’s offices was done by phone, in person or through change memos.  Some of Dotti’s favorite memories from Ohlone were her interactions with staff and instructors to build, change, challenge and grow the schedule of classes.

Dotti served as Staff Secretary in the Office of Instruction, then as Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Business and then as Director of Scheduling and the Evening Program.  She was well-known for her great knowledge of the complex process of developing the schedule of classes.  She was able to coordinate all the many pieces of course section information, the use of classroom and lab space, and the various deans and faculty involved in the process.  Dotti was highly regarded for her attention to detail and follow though.

In addition to her role as Director of Scheduling, Dotti also took on oversight of the Newark Ohlone Center located in the leased space at the former McGregor Middle School in Newark.  As the Newark Center Director, Dotti helped build a foundation of programs and services there that led to further grown at the site and eventually paved the way for the establishment of a second campus for Ohlone in Newark funded by the Measure A bond.

One of Dotti’s proudest accomplishments was bringing the in-person registration process to the Newark Center.  She personally brought computers from the main campus and set them up in the front office of the Newark Ohlone College so that she and her staff could register students.  Having in-person registration at the Newark Center increased enrollment and brought visibility and a sense of community to the Newark Center.

Higher education started at Ohlone for Dotti.  She took many classes during her lunch hours and after work.  She eventually went on to graduate from the University of Phoenix with a B.S. in Business Management and then a Graduate Gemologist diploma from G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America).

Dotti was an enthusiastic promoter of Ohlone College and its mission.  Her tireless work ethic and positive attitude were greatly appreciated by all her colleagues.

Dotti left Ohlone in 1997 after 16 years of service to pursue a second career with Cisco Systems as a Director of Advanced Services.