Ames, Elaine: Instructional Assistant

Elaine Ames was hired as an Instructional Aide in 1975 and promoted to Instructional Assistant in 1980.  She worked in that capacity until her retirement in 2002, after 27 years of dedicated service.  Upon retirement, she was granted Emeritus status.

Elaine was always a role model for students because of her knowledge, high standards and professionalism.  She consistently maintained a friendly and patient relationship with students of varying abilities and encouraged them to accomplish their goals.

Elaine acted above and beyond the call of duty by assisting instructors in the development of new programs in the keyboarding lab, as well as suggesting ways to implement improvements.  She facilitated both the merging of the keyboarding and the word processing programs.  Elaine was a key player in helping to accomplish the challenging move to the Hyman Hall facility.

While at Ohlone, Elaine continued her own education and acquired a teaching certificate.  She was an outstanding instructor in key boarding and word processing, providing service at night, weekends and summers.