Arellano, Rick: Computer Applications and Office Technology and Real Estate Faculty Member

Rick Arellano was hired as an adjunct faculty member beginning in August 1999 and as a full-time faculty member beginning in January 2001.  He retired in June 2014, after 15 years of dedicated service.  Upon retirement, he was granted Emeritus status.

Rick embodied the “Learning Community” concept, and inspired and mentored all students to fulfill their highest potential by building upon current and potential competencies to maximize strengths and creativity.  He created an intellectual and collaborative atmosphere that emphasized the value of everyone’s contributions and fostered the stimulation and interchange of ideas.

Rick consistently spoke with strength and conviction on behalf of his subject matter while maintaining the interests of the college throughout his years at Ohlone.  As technology became more prevalent within the various curriculum areas of the college, Rick led the effort to link the Computer Applications and Office Technology courses with these areas (for example: Computer Applications and Biotechnology).  Rick demonstrated distinguished leadership that pulled the entire Computer Applications and Office Technology Department (CAOT) together even in challenging budgetary times, and promoted new courses for student learning and success.

Rick was a leader in the development of online courses in his area.  He used his extensive network in the business community to help with both the CAOT, Multimedia and Real Estate programs.  He was also very active in outreach to underserved populations for involvement in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math subjects and programs at Ohlone.

Rick was very active in community service.  He used his knowledge of the community and his contacts to assist the College with funding projects and / or seeking funding resources.  He was a major contributor to the work to pass the Measure A bond measure to build the new campus in Newark; and the Measure G bond measure to build the new Academic Core on the Fremont Campus.

Rick teaches in an adjunct capacity since his retirement and he continues to be highly respected and loved by the Ohlone community for his forward thinking, enthusiasm, integrity, and devotion to excellence in teaching and learning for all.